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"I love the way you use strong color and strong contrast without ever loosing the balance and creating harmony in each painting. A harmony enhanced by the clear but mostly soft lines that seem to be flowing through the paintings. The other thing I like is the fact that, while one catches the main theme and impression immediately, when looking a second and third time there's more to it, there's more in it. Each time there is something new to find and each time the painting seems a little different. It's that play between the obvious and the hidden meaning of things.  The great thing about your paintings is that you seem to turn the hidden and obvious into the opposite order. What I mean is the obvious in the paintings is what people usually try to hide like their true desires, their sexuality and passion, their lust, their memories. So the hidden becomes obvious and the obvious..." 
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Elusive Peace by ZARUM 92 x 122c
Alive by Zarum 122 x 91cm
Reminisce by ZARUM 102x122cm 
Time Immemorial By Zarum 152 x 1
Las lagrimas de una guerra civil
Secret Passion  153 x 122cm 
The Hierarchy of Women by ZARUM
4 Nudes 153 x 122cm
The Flirt 130 x 97cm
153 x 122cm
The Siren  153 x 122cm
Where are you looking  45 x 60cm
Eye Contact
Flower Child  50 x 40cm
Hombre  80 x 80cm
Adam and Eve 130 x 97cm
Bedroom Blitz  70 x 50cm 
Heat of the Night 70 x 50cm
Lovely Ladies  70 x 50cm 
Making Music 70 x 50cm 
Dream Lover  130 x 97cm 
Fever  130 x 97cm
Recorded Emptions 130 x 96cm
Falling in Love 130 x 96cm 
Yin Yang  130 x 96
A Mess of Blues  130 x 97cm
Sleeping Beauty 130 x 96cm
Stress  130 x 97cm 
Meditation 130 x 97cm
Tango  130 x 97cm
Spanish Dream  146x114cm 
Nude on the Beach 130 x 97cm
Ole   195x114cm 
Jose Maria   Maria Jose 100x100c
Flamenco Fire  195x114cm
El Jinete  195x146cm
Blue Flower   146x146cm
Dubai Beauty  162x130cm