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"Zarum is a painter and sculpture with a unique original and captivating style. The ‘Art of Zarum’, critics say, is a blend of mystical, sensual and emotional outreach. The art is fresh, bold, imaginative and stimulating. It has been described as a crossroads between Picasso and Appel with a dash of aboriginal influence, but nevertheless original. The works exude a passion for love, relationships and soulful intimacy, with a touch of humor — tasteful, colorful, stylistic and commercially viable." 
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Click on the pictures to view larger image and read a description of each painting. 
Window of the Soul 192x97cm 
Phantom 90x90cm 
Love 90x90cm
Burgandy Dream 162x97cm
The Seed   90x90cm 
Threesome  70x70cm
Monochromatism Bliss 116x89cm
The Kiss   90x90cm 
Bubble Gum  100x100cm
Blue Eyes  100x80cm
Crowded Canvas 4 X 40x40cm 
Mourning  90x90cm
All About Eve  140x73cm
The Peeper  100x100cm 
Lovers and Friends  90x90cm
Laughter All Around Me 170x50cm
The Giving Woman 90x90cm 
Seeing Red  100x100cm
Chastity  100x100cm
Dutch Delight  100x80cm 
Apathy  100x100cm
Femme Fatal   100x100cm
Head Turner  100x80cm 
Smorgasbord  100x100cm
Enraptured   90x90cm
Deliverence  100x100cm 
Lust   70x70cm
Conflict   70x70
Flamenco   70x70
Kissing  2 X 100x40cm
Hidden Soul   90x90cm