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"ZARUM and The $70 Million Dollar Secret: How art is valued and which Artist to keep an eye on"  
"The work of ZARUM is Original. It stands on it own. It touches many who view it. It says something to people in many different ways. It is art that is collectible. It comes from an Artist who is prolific, professional and dedicated. It comes from an artist that has full functionality of BOTH sides of his brain; the creative and the business sides. It comes from an artist that continually pursues the exposure of his art as well as the creation of it." 
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]Lips to Lips by ZARUM
Lips 114 x 146cm
Back to Back LIPS by Zarum 122 x
69 Lips by ZARUM  122 x 153cm
Three’s A Crowd by ZARUM 122 x 1
Loving Lips painting by ZARUM 10
3 Lipsby ZARUM  102 x 102cm
Four Corner Lips by ZARUM 137 x
Circle of Lips by ZARUM 137 x 13
Crowded Lips by ZARUM 214 x 96cm